Dunkirk: The critics love it and we're selling out fast.


'Technically awe-inspiring, narratively inventive and thematically complex, Dunkirk reinvigorates its genre with a war movie that is both harrowing and smart.' Kate Taylor Globe and Mail

'Ambitious, emotional, impressive, beautiful, terrifying and superbly cast, it's a fitting testimony to one of the most remarkable episodes in modern warfare.' Aine O'Connor - Sunday Independent.

We will be keeping Dunkirk for at least 4 weeks!

War For The Planet Of The Apes 

'A consistently intelligent, morally thoughtful and often beautiful picture.' Charles Taylor - Newsweek


Starts on Friday for a 14 day run

Follies: NT Live 

Follies is a dazzling musical by Stephen Sondheim performed for the first time on the National Theatre’s Olivier stage.  The cast includes Imelda Staunton,Tracie Bennett and Janie Dee; and the production will also include a 21-piece orchestra. 

Showing on November 16th at 7pm.

Spider-Man: Homecoming 

'This is the Spidey movie we've been waiting for. It's also the best Spider-Man movie of the bunch.' Tufayel Ahmed - Newsweek.

Starts this Friday for two weeks - selected shows.

Blog posted: 24/07/2017 by Kate Silverwood