We are open from 10am until 11pm in the cafe bar and the cinema.



Both of our cinemas are air conditioned, however our restaurant is not at this time.

Why do I have to give a credit card number when booking online?
We take a credit card number to secure the seat booking. On arrival you need to go to the bar and buy your tickets with cash, card or gift vouchers.

I can’t set up an account with you.
At the moment we are helping people to set up an account. You need to call 01283 716257 between 7am and 10am Monday to Friday.

Why do you charge £2 to take my booking over the telephone?
It takes us about 10 minutes to take each booking however once you have an account it takes under 1 minute to book yourself in online. In order to take everybody’s booking on the telephone we would need to spend thousands of pounds on operators and the ticket price would have to go up substantially to cope with this. Therefore we now charge £2 for a telephone booking.

I can’t remember my password
If you can’t remember your password you need to press ‘reset password’ and we will send you another one by email. It’s a good idea when you have received your new password to change it to something that you will remember next time.

I’ve pressed the ‘re-set’ my password several times and nothing is being sent by email
A password will be sent but it’ll be in your spam. If you have pressed the reset button several times you need to ensure you have the last password for it to work. For instance if you have pressed the button four times the first password we send will not work – you need the fourth password.

I want to change my password to something I’ll remember
No problem just press the ‘Change Password’ button on the top of every page and you can put in a word that you’ll remember in the future.

Why has my credit card has been charged?
Your credit card will not be charged unless you don’t turn up or amend your booking.

Can I amend my booking to bring extra people?
You can amend your booking upwards or downwards, or you can cancel until you are 48 hours before your show. At this stage you can amend your booking upwards by up to two people.

Can I cancel my cinema tickets?
If you have COVID symptoms OR have been asked to self isolate please DO NOT visit . Please email us on contact@redcarpetcinema.co.uk with details of your symptoms. If you feel well you can cancel your tickets 48 hours before the show you have booked and you won’t be charged. You will be sent a text to remind you. For shows marked with a blue dot ‘live shows’ you can cancel 30 days before the show. These cancellation periods give us a chance to re-sell the tickets if you can’t come. We decided to do this because our shows that were ‘sold out’ were always 30% empty with people cancelling at the last minute or not turning up at all.

Can I come to the café bar and book my seat for a future date?
Yes you can but there is now a charge of £2 as an operator will have to run upstairs into the office to speak to you over the telephone to take your booking. Please, if you can, book online as we don’t often have the staff capacity to take someone off the floor.

Can I come to the café bar and book my seat on the same day as the show?
Yes, we can book you in and you can buy your ticket at anytime during the same day that the show is on, right up to the time it starts.

Do you stop people going in if they are late?
We don’t stop you from going in but we do ask that you respect other customers and find your seat quietly.

I don’t want to give you my credit card details as it isn’t safe.
We use Sage Pay which is supposed to be very safe. Phoning up and giving one of our operators your card details for them to put them into Sage Pay is obviously less safe because there is human interaction. Booking over the phone will now be charged at £2.

I wasn't able to use my voucher due to the lockdown.
Vouchers purchased between 1/3/19 and 30/3/20 have now been extended by a total of 18 months to a total of 30 months expiry from the date of purchase. Vouchers purchased between 1/4/20 and 30/4/21 have been extended by a total of 6 months to a total of 20 months expiry from the date of purchase.The date of sale can be found on the paper slip included with each voucher.

Where do I buy gift vouchers from?
You can buy gift vouchers on-line by clicking on Gift Vouchers at the top of the page

How do I pay using my gift vouchers when I have to give a credit card number?
When you give us your credit card number you are not actually paying us anything, we only use your card if you don’t turn up. So bring your gift vouchers along and pay with them or cash or a different card if you want to, we will accept them at the bar when you come to pay for your tickets or your meal.

I’ve bought a film and food night out voucher but your prices have gone up. Do I have to pay the extra?
Our terms and conditions state that you have to pay ‘film and food’ price at the time of purchasing the film and food.

How much time do I have to spend my voucher?
You have one year from the time of purchase.

My voucher hasn’t arrived
Please contact us on contact@redcarpetcinema.co.uk and we will track the voucher for you if your voucher has taken 7 days or longer to arrive.

I’ve lost my voucher, what do I do?
Please contact us on contact@redcarpetcinema.co.uk giving the full details of the voucher you have purchased from us.

Oops my gift voucher has expired, can you extend the time?
Very occasionally we will extend your gift voucher for one month if you can prove significant circumstances as to why you haven’t used it such as a prolonged illness etc. Please send us your request and reason via email at contact@redcarpetcinema.co.uk

What is a film and food night out?
A film and food night out is a two course meal and film for a set price. The film has to be a 5pm show or later.

What is a daytime film and food offer (Monday to Saturday)?
A daytime film and food offer consists of any one course brunch, lunch or kids meal from £14.95pp (supplements may apply). Film and food times must link together. We now offer a small whippy vanilla ice cream with sauce to anyone having brunch or lunch with us for just £1. 

What is a daytime film and food offer on a Sunday
We run a daytime film and food offer of a two course meal and a cinema ticket for £30.95 (supplements may apply). We also have a film and food offer for children of £14.95 (supplements may apply) for one course and a film.

Is there a film and food promotion on Special Events?
Yes. We simply add £7 to your cinema ticket price during the daytime Monday to Saturday for a one course lunch and £20 to your cinema ticket price for a two course meal in the evenings and all day Sunday for the roast dinners. 

Is there a special film and food promotion for Children?
Yes. Children can have a kid's meal and a cinema ticket for £14.95pp everyday (supplements may apply). If they would like a whippy ice cream afterwards it's only £1 if they've had a main course.

Can I reserve a table between 3pm and 5pm?
Yes we now serve an afternoon lunch menu with last orders at 4.45pm. All items are part of the daytime film and food deal from £14.95.

Do you do discounts for students and old age pensioners?
We do discounts for everyone based on the time you arrive during the day. The earlier the film is in the day, the cheaper it is. The cheapest tickets are for films showing before noon and the most expensive are for films showing from 5pm onwards. We do both a daytime and an evening film and food offer.

How much time in the cafe bar is needed to eat an evening two course meal?
We ask for at least one and half hours to ensure you get to your film on time.

How much time in the cafe bar is needed to eat a daytime one course meal?
We ask for at least one hour to ensure you get to your film on time.

What happens if I’m late for my film and food booking?
If you are late we cannot guarantee you will arrive in your film in time for the start of the film.

I have an allergy, can I eat with you?
We offer a range of dishes for people with intolerances but we do not offer anything for guests with life threatening allergies. Our guide to intolerances is clearly marked on our menu on each dish with options such as GF (Gluten Free), DF (Dairy Free), N (Nuts), SF (Shellfish), GFO (Gluten free option available) etc etc.

I’m a vegetarian/ vegan, is there anything for me to eat?
Yes, our head chef always plans for vegans and vegetarians to be able to eat a three course meal here at the Red Carpet.

I have a severe allergy, can I eat with you?
We cannot guarantee that any of our dishes are free from allergens and therefore cannot accept any liability in this respect. Guests with severe allergies are advised to assess their own level of risk and consume dishes at their own risk.

Can we just come for a meal?
Yes, of course, just book ‘table only’ and come along for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Do I have to eat two courses?
No, but if you want the film and food deal you will need to purchase the two courses.

Can I book a table outside?
Yes you can book a table under the pergola which has a roof but is open on all sides. If you have booked a table outside please dress appropriately as we cannot guarantee that we'll have a table inside for you if you want to move.

What is your EHO Food Hygiene score?
Our food hygiene score is currently 5 which is the highest score of excellence the EHO can give a restaurant.

What happens if someone in our party does disturb other guests with rustling, talking etc?
First of all a member of staff will ask you to stop disturbing the other guests. If a complaint is made after that then you will be asked to leave without a refund.

What is a snoozle?
A snoozle is a double seat right at the front of the cinema. They tip you back slightly to you can rest your head and look upwards at the screen. You are extremely close to the screen and snoozles are not suitable for people with eyesight or neck issues.

Can I book the whole cinema?
No I'm sorry we never book the whole cinema.

Can I come without booking a seat?
Yes of course but we can’t guarantee that you will get in especially when we are very busy.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the cinema?
No as they tend to rustle and disturb other people

What do you sell to eat and drink in the cinema?
We sell alcoholic drinks, fabulous coffee, tea and hot chocolate, a range of cold drinks, sweets, crisps, nuts, ice cream etc.

The Red Carpet Cinema is very pleased to support fund raising by donating cinema tickets for raffle prizes. To apply please send a stamped addressed envelope and a letter outlining your request to:

Charity Requests
The Red Carpet Cinema,
Barton Marina.
DE13 8AS

Our charity donations are for our own locality, and we only consider requests that fall within a 20 mile radius and that send in a stamped addressed envelope and a letter outlining your request. We receive hundreds of requests each year and have a charity budget for each month; if your request is unsuccessful it will be because, unfortunately, that budget has been allocated for the month. We cannot respond to anyone who doesn’t send in the stamped addressed envelope and request outline.

Firstly we're so sorry that you've tested positive and won't be able to come to The Red Carpet.

Obviously now you are concerned that if you don't come you'll be charged.

Therefore we ask that you contact us via our email on contact@redcarpetcinema.co.uk and let us know. We will take requests to cancel due to a positive Covid test up to 48 hours before your planned visit or up to 72 hours after your planned visit. Please do not worry if you don't get a response straight away, you and your party will not be charged if any of you have tested positive.

Alternatively if you don't like email please contact us via our phone lines on 01283 716257 between the hours of 7am  and 10am Monday to Friday. Again you can contact us either up to 48 hours before hand or up to 72 hours afterwards to let us know you are not well and you will not be charged.

We are also keeping many of our Covid safety measures including...

1. Hand sanitizing stations throughout the building
2. Deep cleaning in the evening and before the evening shows in cinemas
3. D10 used to sanitize all the tables after each use
4. Optional use of masks for staff and guests
5. Barriers between tables
6. Ushers taking people out of the back of the cinemas to avoid crowding in the foyer.
7. Tables kept empty to avoid cross contamination via salt pots, sugar pots etc
8. Individual sachets to be kept to avoid cross contamination
9. Table service inside and outside to stay.


Can I come to baby Wednesday without a baby?
No I’m afraid you can’t under any circumstances.

Can I come to baby Wednesday with my toddler?
We accept babies up to 12 months old. After that your child will only be allowed into the film if it has a U or PG certificate and you will have to pay for the seat.

Can I come to baby Wednesday with my other children?
Any children over 12 months old will only be allowed into the film if it has a U or PG certificate and you will have to pay for the seat.

Can I come to baby Wednesday with my partner?
Yes, you can bring other adults with you if you are coming with your baby but they will have to pay for their seat and be extremely tolerant of all the baby noise.

Are there facilities to change my baby?
Yes, we have a baby changer in the disabled toilet with a nappy bin. We also have a step to help smaller children onto the toilet seat.

Do you have booster seats for my child?
Yes, they are stacked in the foyer, just grab one and pop it on your seat.

Are their high chairs?
Yes, we currently have five high chairs which are situated in the lobby as you enter.

Can I breast feed?
Yes of course. If you are at all concerned about privacy you may feel more comfortable around the back of the café bar but you are free to breast feed throughout the whole seating area.

Can I bring children to the cinema?
Yes, as long as the film has the right certificate for them and you are happy to take them out if they disturb other guests.

Can I bring children to the café bar?
Quiet, well behaved children are welcome.

Can I take my young child into the cinema?
Your child needs to be able to sit quietly throughout the entire performance. If your child disrupts other people in the audience we will ask you both to leave without a refund. We recommend that children are at least two and a half with the ability to concentrate for two hours before bringing them to the Red Carpet.

Is there a children’s menu?
Yes, there is for the under 12’s. If you look on our website under ‘info’ and then ‘menus’ you’ll be able to see it. It’s available all day from 12 noon. Children under 12 are eligible to eat from film and food offer for £14.95 (supplements may apply) all day and into the evening.

What are your rules for dogs?
Dry, quiet dogs are welcome in the café bar. We do not allow dogs on the furniture.

Can I book a birthday party in the café bar?
We don’t cater for children’s birthday parties in the café bar. We don’t allow any table bookings with more than six children (under 12’s) and we need a one to one ratio of adults sitting around the table with the children to ensure the children are quiet and well behaved.

Can I book a children’s birthday party in the cinema?
You can book multiple seats for children in the cinema as long as you are confident that all the children will sit quietly and enjoy the film without disturbing our other guests. We do not have room to store any gifts and please do not take party bags into the cinema as they rustle. Please ask any parents picking their children up to wait outside as we struggle for room in our foyer.

Adult’s Parties
Can I book the café bar or a section of the café bar for an adult’s party?

We take bookings of up to 14 people in our café bar and in our cinema which you can do online. We can’t take a party size that is any bigger because we can’t pop the tables together. If you were to book two parties of 14 online we wouldn’t be able to put the parties together so you’d be sitting as two groups of 14.

We don’t hire out the café bar for exclusive use because we have so many regular customers.

Can I book the whole cinema for a private event?
No sorry we never book the whole cinema because we run creative classes or films every morning and films for the rest of the day.

Do you have a wheelchair space in the cinema?
Yes we have one space in each cinema. The space can be pre-booked online and this is seat A6 in the big cinema and seat A4 in the little cinema. It is situated on the second row which is behind the snoozles. If you can get out of your wheelchair you can book any aisle seat and move across into the seat and leave your wheelchair at the front of the cinema. Please do not leave the wheelchair in front of the emergency exit.

Are there any steps in the building?
No, none at all, all our facilities are on one level.

Can I come in with a CEA card?
The Red Carpet welcomes CEA cards under the terms and conditions outlined by the CEA card membership.

For general release films (marked with green, red, or purple dots on our website) just book your seats as normal, then bring your CEA card on the day and you will be charged for one less ticket. Please note that you will still need to complete a pre-authorised transaction for all booked seats, though no payment is taken at the time.

Unfortunately due to the extremely limited availability of seats for ‘Event Cinema’ showings (which are marked with a blue dot on our website) we cannot offer free seats to CEA card holders who have booked in advance; advanced booking will be charged at full price for all seats. However, if you are prepared to come on the day, we will accept your CEA card for any remaining seats.

Where can I park if I’m disabled?
We now have two disabled parking spaces on the side of our building with wheelchair friendly access from the car to our front door.

Are there any disabled toilet facilities?
We have a disabled toilet in the café bar.

Can you get a wheelchair into the café bar?
We can easily accommodate wheelchairs in the café bar but it helps to have a pre booking if possible.

Do you have a hearing loop?
We do have a fantastic loop system for the hard of hearing. Please can you sit in the correct zone when booking your seats. For small screen any row, seats 5 -10. For big screen any row seats 1-6. If you book in the wrong zone you won’t be able to tune in. Once seated switch your hearing aid to T mode.

Where can I park?
We have two disabled parking spaces around the side of the building. Please do not park on the double yellow lines in front of the cinema.

Where are we situated?
We are situated just off the A38 at Barton Turns. Come off the A38 at the Barton under Needwood, Walton on Trent turn which is also the B5016 and head towards Barton under Needwood. Look for a turning to the left marked ‘Barton Turns’ which a brown sign underneath saying Barton Marina. It is hard to spot at night. Turn right into Barton Marina. If you find yourself in Barton village you have gone too far and need to turnaround.

If you are coming from St. Georges Park or Yoxall you need to drive through Barton under Needwood and when you have gone right through the village you need to turn right into Barton Turns and then right into Barton Marina. If you get to the A38 you have gone too far and need to turn around.

It’s hard to spot at night but there are now some very shiny blue signs which will help to guide you in.

Where can I park and how much does it cost?
There is lots of free parking at Barton Marina. There is CCTV installed around the area and it is generally quiet, well -lit and safe.

What is your postcode for my sat nav?
Our postcode is DE13 8AS. When you arrive you come up a very long drive. When you get to the buildings, keep going with the pub to your left. We are the last building right at the top of the development.

Do you have a map I could see?
If you need to see a map click here.

How do I make a school booking?
We offer school bookings for £6.95 per child with free squash and biscuits, exclusive use of the cinema and free hot drinks and biscuits for the adults. We can welcome groups of between thirty and one hundred and fifty children per day. The start time of the film needs to be between 9am and 10am Monday to Friday. The price includes the film, a drink of squash and a biscuit plus a free hot drink for up to 6 attending adults. You will be given exclusive use of the cinema screen. Please contact us by emailing contact@redcarpetcinema.co.uk. School bookings are very busy before Christmas and the summer holidays so be sure to book early.

Can I bring a group of children on a Saturday or Sunday?
Yes you can but you’ll just need to book them in as part of the general public and they will need adults in the cinema looking after them. We don’t run the free biscuits and squash offer at the weekend with exclusive use of the cinema. If a group is disruptive when a film is on and other members of the audience complain, we will ask you ALL to leave without a refund.